Glue Remover Ball
Glue Remover Ball
Glue Remover Ball

Glue Remover Ball

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  • Glue Remover ball tweezers used in eyelash extension application
  • 1-3 second to remove glue on tweezers
  • This is the easiest way to clean tweezers and is reusable

How to:

Just dip into sponge and rinse. The combination of the removal formula and the construction of the round sponges allows the removal of glue from the tweezers in seconds. You will still want to do your regular cleaning and disinfecting routine, but this takes off any glue that has gummed onto your tweezers during or after fills.  Must have item for all Lash Techs !

Size: 6cmx 2.5cm


  • The liquid of the glue remover ball is easy to evaporate, so tighten the cap when not in use and store in a cool place.
  • Use only on tools, not on clients 
  • For Professional use only